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To contact Amanda:

Phone: 07716123834


Amanda Hitchin - Find out more below. 

I am a psychodynamic counsellor who is passionate about giving every child a chance to have their behaviour and mental health understood.

I am the owner and clinical lead of Colchester Children's Counselling private practice in a beautiful listed building the heart of Colchester City Centre. 

Along side running my private practice, I am also a specialist Autism therapist for 'The Transforming Autism Project' where I am privalleged to provide parent infant support.  ( Find out more here

Prior to counselling, I worked for 15 years in various education roles, ranging from pre-school up to secondary schools in various support, teaching, forest school teaching and school leadership roles within the Essex and Suffolk area.  

I have supported vulnerable families as a family liaison and designated safeguarding leader and have experience in supporting vulnerable and traumatised children, including those in local authority care. 

Since 2016, I have been a licenced 'Thrive Approach' practitioner supporting children with their emotional needs within the school setting.  

Prior to this, I have worked and volunteered in the NHS.

In my Therapeutic BA, I focused my research on the space within mainstream education for traumatised children.  

In my most recent training (MA in Psychodynamic Counselling), I worked with a range of clients in primary and secondary education settings as well as adults in the health and social care sector, covering a range of clinical themes including: trauma, parental illness and terminal illness, anxiety, incontinence, ADHD, absconding, abuse, domestic violence, bereavement and grief, aggression, psychosomatic illness, disassociation disorder and depression. This list is not exhaustive to my knowledge and understanding to the many other themes that clients may present with and my work experience.  

Having a child with a social, emotional or mental health need can be extremely challenging and I believe in non-judgemental collaboration with the family to support you through this period. I support parents through the process and will meet and communicate with you at intervals whilst supporting your child. 

Please get in touch if you would like to know more, 

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Amanda's  sessions are £80 for a 50 minute (Therapeutic hour). I offer a small number of reduced fee sessions for those experienceing finacial difficulties.  

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Poppy Noy - Find out more below. 

About me and my therapy practice

Hi there, my name is Poppy and I am a fully qualified psychodynamic counsellor. As well as working with adults I have also had specialist training to work with children and under 25s.

I believe that everyone deserves to feel heard and understood and to be given the opportunity to tell their story in their own words. 

Whether you are struggling with low mood, anxiety, intrusive thoughts or simply feel that you are finding it hard to deal with what life throws at you, I am here to offer a safe and non-judgemental space for you to work through your thoughts and feelings. 

I am able to offer remote or in-person services in a calm and quiet space in the heart of historic Colchester. There is also the possibility for 'walk and talk' therapy in the lighter months.

To find out more, please contact me via so we can schedule a free, 15-minute chat over the phone. 

Poppy's sessions are £50 for a 50 minute (Therapeutic hour). 

Poppy holds an MA in Psychodynamic Counselling. 

To contact Andreea:

Phone: 07448036017


Andreea Horhocea - Find out more below.

Hi there. I am Andreea and I am a qualified psychodynamic counsellor. My experience consists in working within schools as well as private practice and the NHS. I work with all ages and I am flexible in my approach. 

I believe that the most important element is therapy is finding the right therapeutic relationship where you feel comfortable sharing and exploring whatever it is that you might struggle with. 

I like to tailor my approach to the individual whether that includes some art, fidgets and activities that will put you at ease.  

I offer  50 minutes sessions face-to-face in Colchester and can work remotely with older children and adults.  I worked with low mood, anxiety, emotional regulation, intrusive thoughts as well as the complexities of day to day life and any struggles that may arise from that. 

For more information and to book in an initial consultation over the phone please don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to meeting you.

Andreea holds an MA in Psychodynamic Counselling. Her fee is £50 for a 50 minute (Therapeutic hour). 

 To contact Chloe:

Phone: 07751923959


Chloe Moul - Find out more below. 

As a psychodynamic counsellor specialising in working with children and young people, I believe in the power of creative play techniques to facilitate healing and growth. My approach is rooted in understanding the unconscious processes that influence behaviour and emotions, providing a safe space for exploration and expression.


I utilise a variety of creative play techniques, including art, storytelling, role-playing, and sandplay, to help children and young people communicate their thoughts and feelings in a non-verbal way. Through these modalities, I aim to uncover underlying conflicts, traumas, and emotions that may be impacting their well-being.


I believe that every child and young person is unique, with their own set of experiences and challenges. My approach is tailored to meet the individual needs of each client, fostering a trusting therapeutic relationship where they feel understood, supported, and empowered to explore their inner world.


My goal is to facilitate self-awareness, emotional regulation, and resilience, helping children and young people develop healthy coping strategies and navigate life's challenges with confidence and clarity. Together, we work towards fostering positive growth and facilitating lasting change.


With years of experience working with children and young people from diverse backgrounds, I have witnessed the transformative power of psychodynamic counselling and creative play techniques firsthand. I am committed to continuing my professional development and staying abreast of the latest research and best practices in the field.

Get in Touch:

If you believe that your child or young person could benefit from psychodynamic counselling and creative play techniques, I invite you to reach out. Together, we can embark on a journey of healing, growth, and self-discovery.

Fee- £60 per therapeutic hour 

Rachael Evans - Find out more below. 

I hold a diploma in counselling and a BA in Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies (with honours) and I am currently in my second-year MA in Psychodynamic Counselling at the University of Essex.

I have a passion for giving every child an equal opportunity to thrive. I have a wealth of experience working with learning difficulties, including ASD and ADHD. As a parent with a child on the spectrum, I understand the complexities of both living and working with children with additional needs.

I hold a student membership with the BACP.

Rachael will be available to see a limited number of clients towards the end of spring for a student fee of £25 

Amanda will have clinical oversight and support Rachael with her client work at CCC. 

If you are looking for long-term support from may onwards please get in touch with

Student Counsellor 

We are very excited to be in a position to start offering clinical placement opportunities to student therapsits from the 'University of Essex' very soon!